On the Edge of Uncommon Horse Sense

Articles and stories by Mike Thomas of Wickenburg, AZ

Buddy Uldrikson: On the Edge of Uncommon Horsemanship

The Inner Circle of Quality Horsemanship

One Day with Ray, Tom and April

Sunday Morning Cutting/Hangover Clinic

Bonnie Jean Kerr: An Elegant Horsewoman

Carolyn and The Yellow Cadillac

One Day with Ray, 1981: Haltering 38 Tough Mares

Ray Hunt Memorial Clinic, Feb. 27-28, 2010

One Day with Ray, 1979: "Ugly" the Horse Becomes "Good Looking"

Rocky Bob, Part One (1959-1971)

(with many to follow... see list below)

Articles by Jim Overstreet of Big Timber, MT

Tom Dorrance: More than a Horseman

Tom Dorrance: A Most Extraordinary Horseman (Part 1)

Tom Dorrance: A Most Extraordinary Horseman (Part 2)

Lady Lou Hancock

Back at the Beginning with Ray Hunt

Articles by T. J. Vietor of Philipsburg, MT

Thinking of Ray Hunt

Whitehall Colt Starting Clinic with Ray Hunt, 1979

Drinking from my Saucer (poem by J. Moore)

The Sorry Farmer and his Donkey (parable by Anon)

Articles by Jody and Susan Cunningham of Grapeland, TX and Kemmerer, WY

Round Pen Theories

Ground Driving

(with many to follow)

Articles by Brian Baldwin of Desert Hills, AZ

One Clinic Away from a Train Wreck

Article by Kathy Armsby of Big Bear Lake, CA

Kathy Armsby Speaks about Ray Hunt

Articles by Kathleen Sullivan of Pagosa Springs, CO (to come)

From Kate Burke, Kathleen's student: Observations of Ray

Article by T.J. Vietor

Thinking of Ray Hunt

Article, art and photos by Sonya Malecky Spaziani

The Winds Blow Where They Will

My Buckin' Tailbone

Articles by Jean Wayt

A Cowboy from Start to Finish

Yakima Canutt

Andy Jauregui

Rodeo Limo

The Town that Wouldn't Die

Our New Home

Me and Della


Arkansas and Bill


Article by Lori Faith Merritt

Forgiveness and Freedom

Articles and stories to come, by Mike Thomas...

Ray Hunt: Halter Breaking 38 Older Mares in One Day

The Early Years with Ray, Carolyn and Family

The Day Billie Died, Buck Brannaman's Trick Roping Horse

Dr. Buck Brannaman, PhD (Dr. Bucko): Not a Trainer, Not Even a Teacher... An Educator

Tom Dorrance, Montana Stories

Farmers and Cowboys, Oil and Water

Real Funny Ray Hunt Clinic Moments, Mid-1970s to ...

Horsewomen of Importance & Making a Difference for the Horse: One of Our Greatest Treasures

The Legacy of The Trinity of Horsemen

If You Want to Be Heard, Be Quiet

The Price of Individuality

Ray Hunt: It Took a Tough Man to Take It to the World