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This website is dedicated to all aspiring horsemen and horsewomen. Our primary purpose is to honor the lives, teachings and philosophies of the great horsemen - Ray Hunt and Tom and Bill Dorrance, by providing a one-stop resource for anyone searching for ways to improve their knowledge and horsemanship skills. Our number one goal is to provide access to this knowledge as well as educational resources for the good and safety of every horse and rider, regardless of breed or discipline.

This is the place where it all begins. Sit down, relax and grab a cup of coffee or beverage of your choice! We'll be adding new content regularly, including photos, videos, articles, etc.,

Want to know more about Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Bill Dorrance? Here's where you'll find articles and stories written about these three great horsemen.

The Chutes

"You pays your entry fees, you take your chances when you nod your head for stock. The results are up to you, and the results was your choice - win, lose or draw."

See who's up in the chutes this week!

On the Edge of Uncommon Horse Sense

Here you will find articles written by Mike Thomas, Jim Overstreet, and others on Ray, Tom and Bill, horsemanship, etc.

Every horseman and horsewoman listed on this page has passed rigorous standards to be included here. A profile will be created for each person and more names added later.

Mike Thomas Bio

Mike's personal story, one of great accomplishments along with many tragedies along the way. As Mike says, "The Horse has always saved me" . Learn what has driven him all these years to find a better way with horses.

Thousands of photos spanning many years are published online in Mike's Photo Albums.

Comprehensive list of saddle makers, spur makers, silver smiths, gear makers, photographers, publications, and many others.

Check here every so often to see what's on my mind.

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