Horsemen and Horsewomen

Every horseman and horsewoman listed has passed rigorous standards to be included here. A profile will be created for each person and more names added later.

Everyone listed here will probably tell you they have not earned the title of horseman or horsewoman, but hope to, someday. The reason this website is named is because I don't believe I have yet earned the title "horseman", even after 72+ years in the saddle.

Buddy Uldrikson, Mike Thomas, Paul Dietz, Buck Brannaman, Chuck Reid
Cave Creek, AZ Clinic, 2008

Profiles are a work in progress.  This page is in the process of being updated.  

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Ray Hunt, deceased
Tom Dorrance, deceased  
Bill Dorrance, deceased
Buck Brannaman  
Paul Dietz  
Buddy Uldrikson  
Martin Black  
Bryan Neubert  
Joe Wolter  
Kathleen Sullivan  
Lee Smith  
Sheila Varian (deceased)  
Joel Eliot  
Mike Beck 
Annette Coker and Hal Coker (deceased)  Videos
Mindy Bower  
Peter Campbell, deceased  
Kip and Missy  
Ricky Quinn  
Brent Graef  
Dave Seay  
Jaton Lord  
Tom and Trina Curtin  
Johnny Crooks 
Garry Matthews  
Barb Gerbitz
Kevin Stallings  
Greg Eliel  
Richard Cozad  
Jon Ensign
Tinker Moffitt  
Clayton Edsall, referred by Jay Dusard
Ray Harmon, deceased  

Buster McLaury
Marty Marten  
Scott Stokes  
Cody Deering Video
Wade Black  

Brook Hazlett  
Bruce Laird  

Ty Van Norman  
Wayne Robinson  
Mark Schwarm  

Tom Wagner 
Shamus Haws 
Charlie Hill
Ray Hunt Memorial, Bridle and Bi
Bonnie Jean Kerr