Andy Jauregui

by Jean Wayt

In 1938 we were living in Newhall, California. Dad and Uncle Jigg were working for Andy Jauregui, a rodeo producer who happened to have been the world's champion steer roper in 1931 and the world's champion team roper in 1934, and who lived in the Placerita Valley near Newhall. At his home place was where the biggest amount of western movies were filmed. Dad and Jigg worked in several movies as extras. They would be part of a posse chasing outlaws, or sheepherders pushing sheep around, a cowboy shooting at some outlaw while hiding behind a big rock or trees. He got "shot " every now and then. If there was a scene shot in a house where someone got knocked through a glass window the director would holler "Cut" and all us kids came running from their hiding places and made a bee line to get the fake glass, as it was made from sugar and water with a little vanilla mixed in for better taste. It made pretty good candy and none of the movie workers would ever have to clean the area!

On down the valley a little ways, Andy had another place several thousand acres big with two houses with barns and improvements. He had leased it from Standard Oil Company for one hundred years for $1.00, making sure that nobody else would ever buy it. That was where he ran all his rodeo stock and they made a lot of movies there too. That's where our two families lived. All us kids went to school in Newhall where the school burned down on Valentine's Day and no, I didn't do it!! We finished the year in tents set up in the school yard. Thank God there were some trees there. We went to school in the winter and rodeo in the summer.

We also became good friends with Clark Gable, his wife Carol Lombard, Bob Cobb and his wife Gail Patrick. We built an arena, of course, and on weekends they all came out and roped calves using Dad and Jigg's roping horses, Red and Cedar. Bob Cobb also owned the famous "Brown Derby" restaurant and was the inventor of the Cobb Salad still served in many places today.

Andy and a big shot promoter from Hawaii put together a group of cowboys and negotiated a trip by ships and sailed to Honolulu Hawaii to put on the first professional rodeo to be held there. All the cowboys went on one ship, all the roping, bulldogging, and bucking stock, including bulls, went on another ship. Poor Dad vomited all the way over and back. Jigg didn't go. He made plans to go but changed his mind at the last minute because he was scared of the ocean. Aunt Edna was so mad at him and called him a "DRY LAND TURTLE!!!!"

The rodeo was a great success and while there Dad got acquainted with a newspaper man and he took Dad all around the Island and showed him all the pineapple fields and lots more. He and Dad became very good friends and one day they were discussing the future and Dad mentioned to him that he was planning to leave California as it was getting too crowded. So this guy got very, very serious and told Dad these very words: "Doc if you do make your move settle in the most middle of the country you can get. Go as far from the coastline that you can get also because within one or two years the Japanese are going to bomb Pearl Harbor and there'll be a war".

Well, Dad took him at his word and who better would know more about this than a newspaper man? When he got home he told Jigg and the rest of the family. He said, "Jigg, if you don't want to go then stay here". They started preparing for the move. Dad built a house trailer with a compartment in the rear to haul Cedar and pulled it with a 1938 Ford car. Jigg did the similar thing. We arrived at Limon in September of 1939 and Pearl Harbor was bombed December 7th, 1941.