Profile: Mary Williams Hyde, Art Photographer

By Mike Thomas


Mary Williams Hyde recently came to my attention when I discovered her great work of many years. We have never met or even had one phone call, but will before this is published. This Renaissance Lady has devoted her life to so many things that we all hold dear to our lives in ranching, nature, the horse, the human, arts/crafts, photography (the freezing of time), and each creation is meant to last for many years and never be forgotten. Her work will last for many generations!

Early Years

Born on December 30, 1945 in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Mary grew up on an "old-time ranch" in and around Bly, Oregon. She spent her development years as a young girl on horseback, covering all parts of Klamath County with real enthusiasm. Mary covered all of the Great Basin Country, then and now by every mode of travel, including rafting. Horses were always her best form of travel. Mary more than earned Her Silver Spurs in Life!

Later Years

Mary is extremely well educated and has incredible work experiences that molded this highly talented lady. An artist in every sense of the word, Mary Williams Hyde has transformed her education, work and life experiences into great accomplishments. A review of will fill out what I am saying.

Mary has spent many, many years in perfecting her craft with the camera, the arts, computer technology, marketing and so much more. Why? One only needs to observe her work and you will find the answer quite clear!

Buckaroo Country

Mary's wonderful website, Buckaroo Country, features over 160,000 photographs taken over the last 15 years, documenting many generations of life in the Great Basin!

With these photographs, she captures hundreds upon hundreds of people, horses, the Great Basin - real life - with integrity that is overwhelming! Each photo brings out Mary’s intellect and sensitivity for life and history. She has a burning desire to let the world know about these fine people and ranches, and their dedication to a wonderful way of life. Folks: Mary got it right in her lifetime dedication to brin a wonderful part of American history to us, graphically, correctly and with honesty.


Folks: I sincerely hope you will follow the life and works of Mary Williams Hyde, a Renaissance Lady who is not living in the past, but bringing us an appreciation for a way of life with horses, ranching, cattle and nature. Mary does this to help those that do not know, to know! We should all be very pleased to be part of her life.

Thank You Mary,

Mike Thomas