Profile: Marc Brogger

By Mike Thomas

I have had the privilege of knowing Marc Brogger for many years and consider him to be one of the truly elite master saddlemakers.

Marc and Lola have not only developed a well respected business but have earned the respect of many people that know quality saddlemaking at its finest! His word is his bond, and his work shows his honesty and integrity. His "finish work" is painstakingly done on each and every saddle. His shop is inside the rear of the "old dairy barn" that was built around 1905-1910 and the condition is fantastic.

Anybody that is considering traveling to southwest Montana should call Marc and set up a time to visit in his saddleshop. That visit will be one of the most memorable stops one could ever make. To see a true artisan work and understand the process is, in my opinion, priceless. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to "arrange your budget" to get a Marc Brogger saddle. I know one thing… I would!

Marc is flexible in honoring the wishes of his clients and will work with each and every one to create the dream saddle that not only looks great, but is extremely durable and comfortable and custom fitted for the owner to the Nth degree. Marc knows the real history of what I call ”The Renaissance of Artists in Saddlemaking”. Stimulated and overwhelmed by the likes of Dale Harwood, the lore of Hamley Saddle Co. in Pendleton, Oregon; the bonds and friendships of famed master saddlemakers! This he made his life... and a good one it is!

His shop is located on the East Side of the old Madison River Cattle Company Ranch, one of my most favorite places on earth. Thousands of horse memories and ghosts of the past still reside on that part of the old ranch. This includes the first "White Man that ever entered Montana" and his "Lean/To" that was on the east side of the Madison Ranch, not but 100-200 yards north of Marc’s Saddle Shop. The real beauty of the story is that the ranch is now back in the hands of the ancestors of that first White Man: Lily, after well over 150 years later. I call that... ”poetic justice”!

The site of many Ray Hunt Clinics and daily horse work for several years in the late 1970s to early 1980s... The place where people like Buck Brannaman, Mike Beck, Doug Kirk, Preston Lord, Jim Overstreet, and dozens of others enjoyed their youth and we all share many wonderful times and memories with our and their horses.

It is my pleasure to feature Marc’s website and work on my website.


Mike Thomas (Himself)