Profile: Lee Smith Horsemanship

By Mike Thomas

I have personally known Lee and Mark Smith for about 8-9 years now and am very proud to include Lee (and Mark) Smith Horsemanship on this website. I had heard about them for years before but did not know them. There has never been a time that I have seen Lee or Mark give a demonstration or clinic, or participate in one, that I have not learned something of value to my horsemanship and lifemanship.

I have found that Lee provides a well structured and effective approach to teaching horses and people together. Her lesson plans are well thought out, based on her years of experience, and comfortable for each and every student and horse. Every class, regardless of type, has a plan for implementation. The objectives for the day are well defined and are implemented, with great personal discipline, to the objectives; then finally there is a well thought out overview of the day with deep consideration for each horse and rider. Her philosophies and understanding of each student are nothing short of profound.

There are a lot of “so-called Cowboys” that would not consider going to a clinic taught by a Horsewoman! We all know many of those so-called Cowboys. We all know a lot of “horse trainers” that they think they have learned all they need in life with the horse. Let me not be misunderstood: I have never had a day after being around Lee Smith teaching that I didn’t come away with a better point of view about the horse, and appreciated Lee’s lifelong effort to teach and educate horses and people, even after 64 years in the saddle!


Lee Smith reaches into every horse and rider and brings them together in a near seamless fashion. Her teaching is based on insight, patience, understanding, empathy and real dedication to the horse, and to the people who are concerned about their future in life. This has been learned during many years of giving everything she and Mark have to a better way for the horse.

Lee and Mark Smith’s contributions to the Trinity of Horsemen and The Inner Circle of Quality Horsemanship have stood the test of time. I urge each reader of this website to click this link for Lee's Website, and see what I am talking about!

On her Website, she urges people: “to see what she sees; ..a pathway of discovery to the essentials of horsemanship.” You will not be disappointed by visiting with Lee Smith!

Proudly signed:

Mike Thomas (Himself)