Profile: Hal Coker

By Mike Thomas (Himself)

For me to write something about my great friend Hal Coker is just a joy and will probably do me more good than it will Hal (Himself). I am going to tell the reader of this piece that if you have not met Hal Coker, your life is not complete!

The Big Galoot!

Hal has an incredible dominating presence amongst all of us folks that have learned to love and respect him, a man who may be one of the most dedicated Horsemen to the Trinity of Horsemen and The Inner Circle of Quality Horsemanship that ever drew a breath. His honesty, loyalty and integrity to the Trinity of Horsemen could never violate the high standards they set for all of us.

To say that Hal is an optimist and truly believes in horses and people is a great understatement. His love for his work with horses and people, if turned into rocks, would fill the Grand Canyon in Arizona and then create a very tall mountain where it once was!

When Hal gets up in the morning, it really is the first day of the rest of his life and with a lot of coffee, he is ready to see what the horse is going to contribute to his knowledge of life and horses.

But what's more important is the fact that Hal, while drinking the coffee, will be running every horse of the day through his mind, trying to find a better way to present himself to each horse, each and every day.

Hal is about 6’4”, maybe 200 pounds of hardened steel, hands like tennis rackets, with shoulders that, if a horse crippled up in one or more front legs, it could just simply lay his legs over Hal’s shoulders and Hal would just pack him home without any more pain!

Could he or would he do it? You can betcha the ranch on that one! With his big red mustache and the huge grin hidden underneath, he's a man of dedication to the horse who's very happy with his life!

Most Improved Horseman in Last 10 Years

I have watched my friend Hal, starting with a life of "riding anything with hair, broncs, spoiled or otherwise", with no clue why they were that way, become something very different! Hal’s early years were about how tough he needed to be to survive a job or a day.

In the last ten years, and especially the last four years, he has transitioned into something that is quite incredible: a man who found himself in life and with the horse, a man of no compromise when it is about any horse with any problem, a man who was not in control of life to a man of stature who has rededicated himself to the horse.

A man who could not spell "two rein, real ranch work, great horses" has made an incredible transition to all of the great levels of horsemanship in the right way for the horse. He's a man whose skills have made quantum leaps at every level - a true Renaissance transition in life to the horse.

Folks: Hal has worked very hard to earn the title of most improved horseman in the making, and by the way, there is no belt buckle or trophy that goes with this. Just ask a few people on this site about what they think of Hal! All of us who saw where he started, and where he is now, are very proud of our real friend.

My thanks go to Juliet and Buffalo Bill Butler (Himself) for helping our friend Hal to reach this point of self-respect and respect from great Horsemen and Horsewomen. Oh yes; thanks, Blackie and Buffalo Bill and our friends, for believing in you.

Signed Proudly,

Mike Thomas (himself)