Profile: Tom Curtin

By Mike Thomas

I first saw Tom Curtin during a clinic he presented in Chandler, AZ, because Paul Dietz told me I needed to see Tom’s ability to teach horsemanship. He assured me that I would be impressed. Impressed? I sure as hell was! This was somewhere around 2002, and I will never forget that day.

Feel, Timing and Balance

Tom exhibited an approach that was truly designed to fit the horse. He worked very hard to show the human how to see what he could feel with the horse, and almost by osmosis, transmit it to each human! Very few clinicians can accomplish that feat - to show that feel in a way that the students understand.

When Tom climbed aboard his horse, I saw something that was really good! His ride was like something out of the past with the Trinity of Great Horsemen. People that know me would tell you that it is hard to find Mike Thomas speechless. But I was! Later, when we got to meet and we really got to talk about the Trinity of Horsemen and Ray Hunt, I let him know how much I appreciated what he was teaching. Tom told me that, at one time, he was told in an airport that he needed to work on his feel with the horse - by Ray! Tom sure as hell has not only overcome that problem, but folks, there are few who could teach it better. Oh yeah - his timing and balance were superb!

Tom, Trina and Tana (The 3 T’s themselves)

When the family travels, it is a sight to behold! When their rig pulls in and horses are unloaded, dogs scrambling and horses all tied in a calm way, and living quarters declared, it's a wonderful sight. It's like a city is being declared on the site! All of this is good. Oh yeah, the horses are taken care of first. And "camp is set!"

In the next several days, the Three T’s will give everything they have to make sure every horse wins and every student wins! The family is an honor to "The Trinity of Horsemen" that made it all possible for all of us, to this day.

The family has honored the family of horsemanship with great honor, integrity, character, and they don’t take shortcuts! Every horse, every student represents their dedication to life because horsemanship is really lifemanship, and they deserve respect.

Dear Friends…

If you hear that "The Curtin Family" is coming your way, please do not miss this opportunity to sign in and sign on! This is a very unusual and dynamic family in horsemanship that you should not miss. Trust me my friends!

Mike Thomas (Himself)