Profile: Dave and BA Peters, Reserve, NM

By Mike Thomas

In November 2006, I was on my annual pilgrimage to see Ray and Carolyn at the Lee and Mark Smith Diamond S Ranch in Wickenburg, AZ for the Ray Hunt Clinic. I pulled down by the old working corrals, housing, out-buildings and boneyards of materials left by the original owners. I admired the Old Classic AZ Ranch Architecture of old corrals, pens, scales, the system of cattle movement, and much more, seeing how all of it was centered on water and shade. With the old WWII surplus fencing and older Arizona fencing methods, I felt like I was a kid again in Southern AZ (1950). All the ranch trails emptied into the only logical place for cattle to go, especially when thirsty, driven and/or tired.

I drove around the big old water-lot pen that now served as an arena and saw a fella riding a horse, and he caught my eye and mind! I allowed as how he was offering a darned good feel to this horse, his timing was kind of right and the balance took care of itself. There was nothing fancy going on but it sure made me look once, twice, and thrice.

Dave Peters was that fellow offering “quality to the horse!” During the next couple of days, I got to see his wife, BA, ride her offering to the last surviving member of the Trinity of Horsemen from The Inner Circle of Quality Horsemen, Ray Hunt (Himself)! Dave and BA had traveled from Reserve, NM to Wickenburg, Nov. 6, on their united quest for more quality horsemanship. I was impressed! The conclusion, of course, is that they both had a lot to offer to the horse.

Just This Year (November, 2008)...

Dave and BA came back, 2 years later (Nov. '08) to the Lee and Mark Smith-sponsored Ray Hunt Clinic, and it was really good for an old man to see them both again. The Blog that accompanies this website shows many photos of Dave and BA in action. A few are being used in this profile.

After some questioning, I found that Dave is originally from Washington State and started his horse-life 46 years ago, and was deeply involved with rodeo and horse training. He showed extensively in California until 1986. For some reason, Dave decided to move to Dallas, TX.

Once there he found "gold" in Texas that he could not find in California or anywhere else. Dave lucked out when rode a patch of cactus and rocks and other impediments of nature, and on the other side was… Miss BA! They have been together ever since.

BA was at the small ranch Dave was training for. BA had owned horses for more than 25 years and had no formal teaching in horsemanship, let alone training. BA was running on her desire for the horse and gave it all she had! I have only known BA for a couple of years, but in that short time I have seen her real desire to be right with the horse! She has paid her dues and has a lot of guts and try! I don’t think "training" would work on her; Dave will do anything to expose her to the best horsemen and horsewomen! It is obvious to me that they both had real life qualities that have survived the trial of time, and real love for the horse.

BA was into endurance racing with the senior Big Gray that she still rides, and serious problems had developed. At that time, Dave’s horse business was starting colts, giving lessons and fixing problem horses. Dave found out quickly that the old adage applies: husbands can’t teach wives, and vice versa. In desperation to save a life of marital bliss, BA found Lee Smith (Herself)! Fortunately this has led Dave and BA and this terrific marriage to each other and the horse in a lifelong quest for the secret of true horsemanship. Dave and BA believe they have been blessed by their friendship with Ray Hunt and The Inner Circle of Quality Horsemanship.

Tom and Trina Curtin

Through Ray Hunt, they met Tom and Trina Curtin and have become close friends with them. With their high standards of real horsemanship, the Curtins both offer incredible quality of horsemanship, friendmanship and lifemanship. Dave and BA devote themselves and their lives to the principles of quality horsemanship and horsewomanship. Ray and Carolyn, Tom and Trina Curtin, and Lee and Mark Smith are cornerstones of loyalty to the horse.

Today Dave and BA Peters live outside Reserve, NM, and continue to work with horses and people. They host Lee Smith in a week-long clinic and Tom Curtin for six days, doing colt starting, horsemanship and ranch roping.

Dave Met Tom Dorrance...

Dave was fortunate enough to start a colt with Tom Dorrance in Aubrey, TX! I sincerely ask every reader of this site to take time out and talk with Dave Peters on the enormity of that experience.

The Future

Dave and BA Peters have dedicated their lives to the horse and do everything possible to promote and further the cause of Ray, Tom and Bill - the Trinity of Horsemen that made it possible for all of us to “live a wonderful life!”

Next April, 2009, Dave and BA are sponsoring a huge event in Reserve, NM with clinics, ranch roping and cow work, plus entertainment: Jeff Gore and RW Hampton! If life and good fortune allows me to ride into this deal… I will see you there, my friends.

Mike Thomas

It has been a wonderful life!”