Paul Dietz: A Humble Horseman

by Mike Thomas

Humility can be an incredible asset in dealing with horses and people. Paul is a product of the Inner Circle, and with each horse and student, brings respect to the value that the Circle stands for.

Paul has studied for many years on how to bring a "New Dimension" to horses and students. He has dedicated his life to this objective. He will always continue to ride and learn from the Inner Circle and others that have the same high personal regard for the values and quality horsemanship that the Inner Circle represents.

Paul truly believes that quality horsemanship is equal to quality lifemanship. He is a man who believes strongly that if one can carry the principles of quality from the horseback to family, students, associates, that his or her life's journey can be a wonderful experience.

He believes that life is a journey and can only be enjoyed if one insists on personal integrity, honesty, dedication, and perseverance for the horse, the family, the community and HIMSELF! This philosophy that is the core of the Inner Circle comes from deep in his mind, soul, body, and spirit.

Paul uses all of the preceding when working with every horse, at home, workshops, private lessons, and larger clinics in helping every student and horse to find a better way. He spends 8 hours preparing for a 1 hour of presentation to the lesson at hand. When he addresses a lesson, class, workshop, demonstration, or clinic, he studies each horse and each student in depth. He then prepares a plan for each horse, owner and rider. Then he implements with group, private, and personal sessions that very much in depth.

If you are looking for PIZZAZ, fancy ads, Mr. Excitement, awards, bells and whistles -- GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

If you are looking for help, a Paul Dietz experience will leave you with a truly tailored program for you and your horse, thus exposing you to those in the Inner Circle of Quality Horsemanship.

A Paul Dietz experience can open your eyes, mind, body, and soul. A Paul Dietz experience can really get you and your horse ready for an enjoyable journey in life.

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