Jim Overstreet: Horseman

by Mike Thomas

Jim Overstreet and I met somewhere around 1978 at Madison River Cattle Company (MRCC).  It was obvious from the get-go that this man was a really good Cowboy, a man who could outrope many of us! He loved his roans! His website, jimoverstreet.com, shows clearly how sound his genetic selection program is.

He thinks, like me and Buck Brannaman, "...you have to breed horses that can actually catch a cow, have the strength to stop them, and handle them like a new-born baby on the end of a rope!"  This, my friends, is true horsemanship. These are the right kind of horses, that can do a day's work and relax in between, but are alert for the next one, with try and ready, even if the sun is going down and it's a long ways back to the barn!
The trip to the barn will be a comfortable ride on these kind of horses.

My hat is off to a horseman whose life from the get-go from his Dad, Cap Overstreet, was and is a tribute to good horses and people, since the early 1940's and the start of the AQHA. My sympathy goes out to his lovely wife, Ann Aller Overstreet - an accomplished artist in her own right, with a long Montana History.

Jim has allowed me to list his articles on Tom Dorrance on this website and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity to share them with many others. The articles are profound, eloquent and reach to the inner Tom Dorrance in a way nobody else in the world could do, and then write about it with such insight and incredible sensitivity about a very sensitive human and horseman.

Jim spent many years putting this group of writings together in personal experience with Tom and brought to the table many years of great horsemanship experience of his own. I could not believe that a writer could be so disciplined to minimize his past and then let Tom’s past and present transcend his own interpretations that he might have done a few years before.

The best part is that Jim, like many of us who knew Tom, found a way to explain what we could all see in parts and pieces, and then put it together in an incredible format so the rest of us could finally get a vision and clear picture of this sensitive and honorable inner man that was and still is Tom Dorrance.

The best part is that I know how this changed Jim and has changed many of us over the years. Jim can back up everything he says in these articles himself, with his own horses, family and much more.

Thanks Jim! I am very proud to say that I appreciate your wisdom and efforts over the years in helping the rest of us to understand this very great man….Tom Dorrance.