Buck Brannaman: New River Clinic, Apr 9-12, 2010

I arrived early on that day, around 7:30 AM, as I have done for many years now, so I can catch up on the news of the last year. It's something we have been doing for over eleven years. These first few hours are sacrosanct to me and I would like to think Buck looks at it the same way. More...

Paul Dietz: Desert Hills Workshop, Dec 12-14, 2009

Paul Dietz is emerging as one of the greatest teachers of horses and people and I am thrilled that I could be a witness, from the very start, around 1985 when his Dad, Gene Dietz called me and needed help loading a bay horse into a 2 horse trailer. That was around 24 years ago in Scottsdale, AZ. More...

Ricky Quinn Jr.: Goldfield Ranch Clinic, Oct 16-19, 2009

For many years, Robyn Chilleen-Mei has been the most incredible sponsor of Ricky Quinn Clinics in Arizona. This year she produced the best clinic to date, and the best ever given by Ricky Quinn in Arizona. More...

Buddy Uldrikson: Wickenburg AZ Workshop, Sept 19-20, 2009

The workshop kind of got off to a rough start when a couple of horses had problems and there were a few new students as well. Every level of experience and inexperience in horses and riders became obvious almost immediately and Buddy had to strap his thinking cap on, real tight!More...

Buddy Uldrikson: Flagstaff AZ Clinic, Aug 8-9, 2009

Professional Horseman and Clinician Buddy Uldrikson of Congress and Wickenburg, AZ conducted an intermediate level horsemanship workshop for several dedicated students and grateful horses. The workshop was at the great facilities of Flagstaff Hay and Grain. More...

Buddy Uldrikson: Congress AZ Clinic, Apr 25-26, 2009

Buddy Uldrikson conducted a clinic that meant a lot to continuing students and also some brand new ones. I have been watching Buddy for the last several years and have watched him "remake himself" with each workshop, clinic and private lesson. More...

Buck Brannaman New River AZ Clinic, Mar 27-30, 2009

This may have been the toughest, and best, clinic that Buck Brannaman ever conducted in his life!
On March 12, 2009, our dear friend and great horseman Ray Hunt passed away, and all of us were still in various stages of severe grief following his memorial service on March 21, 2009, just a week before the New River Clinic. More...

Ray Hunt Wickenburg Clinic, Nov 22-24, 2008

Our friend and most respected horseman Ray Hunt (Himself) put on a clinic hosted by Lee and Mark Smith of Wickenburg, AZ. This clinic has been, and is, one of the most respected clinics of the year for many years. Ray was in much better shape than he was a mere year ago and his enthusiasm was phenomenal. More...

Ricky Quinn Jr. Goldfield Ranch Clinic, Oct 24-26, 2008

I couldn't make it to the first day of the clinic, weekdays being reserved for computer-jockeying. Saturday and Sunday, though, found me north of Mesa somewhere off the Beeline Highway near a development called Gold Ranch. More...

Clinic DVDs/CDs

Students (only) of some clinics covered by this website can obtain DVDs or CDs with photographs and video clips of themselves and fellow students. All photos and video clips are reviewed very intensively by Mike Thomas. No negative comments are included. Captions are provided to explain the photo in depth and to help the student see subtle changes in the horse and the horse's body and feet. They are designed to maximize the student's learning experience and permanent memory of the clinic, helping them review closely what the clinician was trying to teach them and their horse.

Short video clips (under 5 minutes) capture a moment of learning and make it easier to revisit: “a way to freeze time for you and your horse". The video clips are intentionally taken at poor resolution so that they can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Should the student attend more than one clinic or workshop in horsemanship, colt starting or cow working, these recordings would allow them to build a library of their own progress.

Policy Statement

These DVDs/CDs are designed for the student only. No commercial use will be tolerated. The clinician must give permission for this website and Mike Thomas to provide the personal DVDs/CDs for private use only.

Mike Thomas and this website reserve the right to erase any photo or video clip that is not in the interest of encouraging improved horsemanship or lifemanship. Though the recordings are intended for student use only, sharing photos with family, friends and people who are trying to learn more about the horse is encouraged. We also encourage sharing that will help others understand how effective and beneficial the clinic experience was for you and your horse.

Mike Thomas, Nancy Rae Lee and reserve the right to cover only the clinics, workshops and gatherings of horses and people of our choice. Our decisions are collectively designed around our own limitations of time, and intended only for the benefit of the horse. This is not now, or ever will be, a marketing program by this website or its originators. 

THE BYLINE OF THIS WEBSITE IS: “Not one person paid a dime for it and a million bucks can’t buy one word!”  Therefore, enjoy our effort and intent. Realize that if one student buys a DVD/CD that it will only cover the basic costs of our being there - it doesn't make money. (Maybe 10% over costs would be a nice goal...)

The student in a clinic or workshop can order a DVD/CD by emailing We will get approval from the clinician, and, if approved and we are satisfied that your intentions are for personal continuing education, well, you just might get one at the prevailing price.

Like my old Father-In-Law once said: “Come on in (the door), if your nose is clean!”

Mike (Himself)