Buddy Uldrikson: Flagstaff AZ Clinic, Aug 8-9 2009

by Mike Thomas

Buddy Uldrikson Clinic Review, Flagstaff, Aug 2009

Professional Horseman and Clinician Buddy Uldrikson of Congress and Wickenburg, AZ conducted an intermediate-level horsemanship workshop for several dedicated students and grateful horses. The workshop was at the great facilities of Flagstaff Hay and Grain, who did a super job of hosting the workshop and went out of their way to make sure that all students were welcome and facilitated their needs.

The weather was great even though the wind was strong during the Friday Evaluation Session conducted by Buddy with various students the day before the workshop started. These sessions with new students & horses really helped the students and let Buddy identify each horse and student's needs the day before the workshop started. This feature of Buddy Uldrikson Workshops and Clinics is an incredible help to make sure each student and horse can get focused on the horse’s real needs & the student’s needs and develop a "lesson plan" for the next two days.

The Students

Students Dave and Monet Groff traveled from Apple Valley, CA while Annette Robinson came from Barstow, CA and Kim Millmore from Apple Valley, CA. Gay Spivey and “Bucky/Dutch” from Parks, AZ made huge progress during her Friday evaluation and the workshop. Wendy Kearns from the Flagstaff area made major changes in herself and her horse. Other students, friends and more from the Flagstaff area including Desiree, Nancy from Mesa, along with others and auditors really enjoyed the workshop. Cheryl, from Bullhead City, AZ wit/ sorrel, Shawn Sthuck of Wickenburg, AZ, barrel racer learned how to get more out of performance horses, a lady who knows that barrel horses don’t need to live in fear! Buddy’s Motto: "There is a better way!"

Buddy’s Teaching Principals

Buddy always gives way more to each student and horse than they thought they would ever get. Buddy believes in "always give more to the horse and student than they expected!" Buddy really tries to make it happen for people and horses, like other great Horsemen/Horsewomen! In Flagstaff, when the Workshop sessions were over, is not where things stopped. Sometimes the best sessions are held in the parking lot next to the students trailer or pen.

Buddy spent dozens of hours working with each student and horse in a "one on one mode" answering their questions, concerns, fears, strengths and much more. Sometimes the best part of the workshop starts when the session is over, in the parking lot. If the student really wants something better for their horse they will always get way more than they expected. Thus "The Horse Is The Real Winner!"

Upcoming Workshop

Horse owners will have an opportunity to bring their horses to the next workshop being held in the Wickenburg Area on September 19-20, 2009. The location will be announced real soon but can call Kim Uldrikson at this phone number 928.684.7392 for more details.

This workshop will focus on Beginning to Intermediate Horsemanship in the morning and Cow Work in the afternoon. Buddy urges new riders to arrive the day before and have a private evaluation session with him, reviewing their needs and objectives, and tohave time to settle their horses before the start on Saturday 9 AM. A big part of this rewarding life experience is getting to know Buddy and letting him understand what your horse needs. Thus… you will get way more than what you might expect!

Get This: "Auditors Fee = Free!" So folks, bring your horse and enroll and get a great experience and bring all your neighboring horse owners free of any charge! Caveat: "Bring your own coffee!" The guy that wrote this thing can be bribed with a donut! Please attend and arrive ready to learn a lot about the horse and the person you look at in the mirror everyday..YOURSELF! You will like it.